Berck acquire Fourjay and enter new market with the Ministry of Defence


Leading West Bromwich-based manufacturer, Berck Limited are set to work alongside the Ministry of Defence following their acquisition of Fourjay Limited. 

Berck, who manufacture metal pressings and metal sub-assemblies for the world’s leading automotive, electronic and medical industries will now be supplying fuses for the Eurofighter and F-16. 

Managing Director of Berck Limited, Darren Yates explained: “Fourjay were specialists in deep drawing which is something that we have been unable to do until now. They supply into the Ministry of Defence and they are a large worldwide supplier of fuses. Some of Fourjay’s fuses and connectors are used in the Eurofighter and the F-16’s which is fantastic news enabling us to move forwards.” 

The family-owned business utilises cutting-edge technology, and its production facilities are equipped with ‘State of the Art’ plant, including versatile roll feed and multislide presses to ensure efficient production and consistent quality in all of its precision components.

Ongoing investment in manufacturing processes has provided Berck with cutting edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for optimising production control and collecting real-time shop-floor data. 

Berck have also acquired the staff from Fourjay and re-assured their future as a part of Berck’s growing operation. Yates explained: “It was excellent news for their staff and us. We can already add to our skilled workforce with people that are coming over with a variety of new skills. They will have an opportunity to train our people and vice versa. We have already presented Berck to them and they all seem to be very excited.” 

“We are a bigger operation and we have an infrastructure in place in a different way. We will be able to demonstrate our modern manufacturing techniques and practises. There was no computer system at Fourjay, now all of the work orders will be processed in the MRP system and they will be trained to use that. It’s good news all around that they will be working in a more modern company.” 

Innovative design expertise coupled with a lifetime of hands-on experience and a willingness to deliver innovative solutions, has placed Berck's precision components in nearly every car manufacturing operation in the UK and overseas. 

With a rich history dating back to 1947, Berck have gained an enviable reputation on a global scale and now the company aim to acquire more companies in the future, as Yates concluded: “One of the best ways to develop your business is through acquisition. We have done it with Fourjay and we are looking to do it again in the future. We believe it will take six months to absorb what Fourjay have got and then it will be onto the next one.” 

“It is brilliant that we can now offer a new process in deep drawing and it only adds to our portfolio, it is a very exciting time here at Berck. We have communicated what is happening to our staff as well. With a family run business it is very important to add the right sort of people, but I think the new Fourjay staff will only improve the Berck team.”